Mind Your Menopause

When I asked for a hot body, it wasn’t this!

Apart from puberty, menopause can be a very difficult and trying time not only for the woman in question, but also for those around her. It might not be apparent initially, but families and partners can spot the changes too. To help women cope with this difficult time, Coaching gives them the space to come to terms with this stage of womanhood.

How will you benefit?

  • Learn to accept change
  • Flourish through menopause
  • Recognise what you have control over
  • Releasing emotions safely
  • Form new habits to combat ‘foggy memory’
  • Create new behaviours

How does it all work?

The Mind Your Menopause programme varies from client to client. An average duration is approx 8-10 sessions using a combination of both on-site and online coaching sessions. Alongside this, clients also use:

  • Worksheets (provided)
  • Journalling
  • Reflection & Feedback
  • Mindfulness


When menopause starts, how long it lasts and subsequent symptoms, are different for every woman. Give yourself a head start, don’t let it hold you back from new horizons and opportunities.

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