Marketing Your Start Up

You have a great idea, you’ve all your ducks in a row (or maybe not), you’re going to make your living from this brand spanking new business idea. The only problem now? How to let people know you exist!!

When it comes to marketing your start-up, one of the key things to remember is that marketing to everyone, is marketing to no one.

This one day course covers:

  • Email & Lead Generation
  • Content creation
  • Your ideal customer base
  • Learn from competitors
  • 4 Ps – the Marketing Mix
  • Platform focus
  • Power of Networking

How you benefit

  • See where your customers are
  • Plan your own personalised marketing strategy
  • Save money getting your business ‘out there’
  • Help your market connect with you
  • Understand your audience

Please note: Currently this is an onsite programme. However, it will be available to access online soon.

If you are a small business, or would like to put your plan in place before you launch, please get in touch below.


This is a group training. Minimum numbers apply. Get in touch for more details of dates & locations.

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