CBT Weight Management

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is not pseudo-science, it has been widely researched and tested in the area of obesity and weight loss management. CBT is a collaborative approach in understanding difficulties in terms of the relationship between thoughts, feelings, body responses and behaviour.

Changing Your Ways

We know that obesity and being overweight can harm us over the long term, and can also have serious medical consequences; but how do we unlearn our food habits which have brought us to this point? This is where CBT Weight Management comes in – particularly if you’re not one for standing in the parish/school hall to be ‘weighed in’ while everyone looks on.

How it Works

Along with your coaching sessions, you will also work with a Personal Trainer to focus on mobility, flexiblity and general physical wellbeing. You are not just retraining how you think about food, but also how you think and feel about yourself.

  • Focus on triggers
  • Probe your thought process
  • Deal with emotional eating
  • Progress through resulting behaviours
  • Weekly reviews

Is there a diet plan?

Not exactly, because CBT is based on your relationship with food i.e. from the trigger and thought process, to the resulting behaviour. Unlike some weight loss systems that are out there, the ‘Weigh In’ is not compulsory, although, keeping a record to measure your progress is advised.

Which programme suits you?

There are two programme types: Private consultation or Groups (max number of 8 participants) Whichever you choose, ask yourself the following:

  • Are you committed to changing your ways?
  • Have you tried everything under the sun?
  • Are you prepared to put in the effort?
  • Can you commit to 8 consultations?
  • Do you want to increase your mobility and flexibility?

If you’ve answered YES to all the above, then get in touch and we can discuss a programme just for you.

Contact us now for a healthier you.


PT sessions take place directly after your consultation.

You can also read more on our blog https://becoached.ie/cbt-weight-management-habits-and-behaviours/

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