CBT Weight Management

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), is about changing your thought patterns to help you create new habits for better weight management. It helps you to discover why your emotions dictate your habits, so that you can return to normal eating routines.

When the word ‘diet’ is used, people automatically think of things such as calories or sugar; cutting something out or counting points; and like the hampster on his wheel, you are continually going around in circles as you try every diet to see what works. This can become all encompassing and consume you every time you take a bite of food. Plus, it’s exhausting.

CBT for weight management differs because it looks at your thought process – the WHY? It questions you and provokes you to think about yourself in a new light. It looks at the circumstances around your habits, actions and helps you to recognise the emotions and triggers that make you reach for those foods that you don’t actually need – at that moment.

CBT for weight management is NOT a diet. You can still have your glass of wine at the weekend; or ice cream after your dinner on Sunday; but what CBT WILL do, is to help you pay attention to physical cues, and identify challenges to changing your behavior, so that normal eating routines can resume.

At BeCoached, we work at your pace. With a choice of Individual or Group sessions, the programme is designed around YOU and is unique to each client. Get in touch for more details.

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