Being Your Best Self

This is something that everyone, I believe, really wants to achieve. But where do you start?

Having a clarity around purpose, meaning and contribution is a cause for reflection for most people at some point in their life.  Are they expecting too much of themselves or others? Are they constantly compromising just to keep the peace? Do they always feel they are at the wrong end of other people’s decisions? These questions are difficult to answer alone.  In fact, I would go so far as to say – a person would be driven to distraction if they constantly pondered these questions too deeply.  Why? Because they are BIG QUESTIONS with a multiple of elements that make up the answers.

But some solace can be found in a person’s value system. What traits do they consider ‘a must’ in their life? What do they feel that ‘steers’ them through life. Personally, my top two are honesty and trust – and woe betide anyone that can’t deliver either (see what I mean?).  I’m a coach that trusts my gut, it hasn’t let me down yet.

What’s the worst that can happen?

If you have something to say, just say it. What’s the worst that can happen? A disagreement? An agreement? Or maybe even a collaboration of like minded people working towards the one goal? Or even something else, who knows?

Values differ from person to person, as do opinions. If we all had the same values and opinions wouldn’t it make for a very boring existence? But values are important, they have a purpose. They help define you as a person.

That old phrase of ‘agree to disagree’ is a great way to let differences be acknowledged without straining friendships or possible future partnerships whether in personal or business life.

Whether you’ve to make a big decision for personal or business reasons, think about:

  • your own value system
  • why those values/traits are so important to you
  • which ones will you not compromise on

If you managed to list five – well done

If you managed to list more than five, then you are well on the way to understanding and being true to yourself.

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